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Shirt & Tie Lesson

Yes gents you it's ok to wear checked shirts with stripe ties! I always find it amazing how many times I have been asked this over the years. Generally when putting an ensemble together we like to create a balance with color and pattern which will compliment the overall outfit... If the jacket is striped or checked go for a plain colored shirt with a patterned tie.. If your suit is plain it's really up to you! Fine stripe shirts can work well with either a bold diaganol stripe tie, plain or patterned tie... Check shirts look great with just a plain solid color tie or a stripe if you know what you're doing. No matter what it's always best to start with...

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Cufflink Season

These little Fox Heads are making their way to Melbourne all the way from Italy. We are looking forward to a fresh new range very soon with Spring upon us. Enq.

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New Pop-Up Store 777 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn, Victoria

So we've popped up at 777 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn for a couple of weeks with our warehouse sale commencing this Thursday 20th August 2015. Come down and say hi & snap up a bargain if you're heading for coffee, juice or Japanese somewhere like Liar Liar, Samurai or Pressed Juice at some stage this month and check out our new Spring arrivals.

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The Story of how a Great Scot and a Missing Manuscript shaped the world's Tie Industry forever...

Centuries ago in a small village near Aberdeen, Scotland there was a small family business well known for creating some of the finest textile designs in the region. Presumably their involvement with French merchants at the time gave rise to some of the most distinguished and elaborate garments adorned by Scottish heraldry until the banning of such wares by the King of England towards the end of the 18th century. As fate would have it more than one hundred years later an entire industry would be reborn across the southern borders of Scotland producing the finest silk, cashmere and wool products in the world which soon initiated the original 'paisley' design as we know today.  In the 1950's when a young Scottish woman working for a tie...

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