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Shirt & Tie Lesson

Yes gents you it's ok to wear checked shirts with stripe ties!
I always find it amazing how many times I have been asked this over the years. Generally when putting an ensemble together we like to create a balance with color and pattern which will compliment the overall outfit... If the jacket is striped or checked go for a plain colored shirt with a patterned tie.. If your suit is plain it's really up to you! Fine stripe shirts can work well with either a bold diaganol stripe tie, plain or patterned tie... Check shirts look great with just a plain solid color tie or a stripe if you know what you're doing. No matter what it's always best to start with a shirt you like and work from there... Mix it up with a pocket square or tie clip to sharpen the look and if you're wearing a plain white shirt go for something bold if you think you can handle it... If you need help just ask us... we're here to help you look good!