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The Story of how a Great Scot and a Missing Manuscript shaped the world's Tie Industry forever...

Centuries ago in a small village near Aberdeen, Scotland there was a small family business well known for creating some of the finest textile designs in the region. Presumably their involvement with French merchants at the time gave rise to some of the most distinguished and elaborate garments adorned by Scottish heraldry until the banning of such wares by the King of England towards the end of the 18th century. As fate would have it more than one hundred years later an entire industry would be reborn across the southern borders of Scotland producing the finest silk, cashmere and wool products in the world which soon initiated the original 'paisley' design as we know today. 
In the 1950's when a young Scottish woman working for a tie manufacturer in Australia was visiting her hometown near Aberdeen, she came across a hidden family heirloom linking her to the generation of textile producers from years gone by. Upon returning to Melbourne to begin production of these exquisite designs a sheer twist of fate occurred when a young boy working in the warehouse was believed to have accidentally packed the documents into a parcel bound for Italy which were never retrieved and unfortunately no trace of the boy or the manuscripts were to be found.
Coincidentally some years later the silk industry fell through in other parts of the world including Scotland yet production started to boom in Italy with strong demand for Silk Ties coming from America and Europe. With the majority of producers now based in the Northern region of Italy the world was beginning to see the most exquisite quality Italian Silk adorned with rich paisley designs forming the current benchmark of the industry as we know today.
As the story unfolds many millions of ties and scarves have since been reproduced throughout the world and many possibly derived from this 'Missing Manuscript' however without any records of their exact description we can only assume that a sheer twist of fate like this may have very well been the beginning of something special.
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